राम स्वारथ कॉलेज , तारापुर
(A Constituent Unit Of Munger University, Munger)

National Service Scheme (NSS)

To combine academic activities with social service and to install a sense of service to the nation a unit of the N.S.S. was started in the academic session 1977-78. Since then the scheme has expanded and there are three unites with a total strength of 100 boys and a women’s wing consisting of 50 girls it work under N.S.S. of Munger University.
Applications for enrolment of the different units are invite at the beginning of the session by the NSS officer. A unit consists of fifty student’s and is headed by an N.S.S. officer nominated by the principal from among the members of the teaching staff in conformity with the laws of the university.
Ability to become a part of community development and social programmes.


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